PAM-0.77: description + notes

Linux-PAM Is a system of libraries that handle the authentication tasks of applications (services) on the system. The library provides a stable general interface (Application Programming Interface - API) that privilege granting programs (such as login "(1)" and su "(1)") defer to to perform standard authentication tasks. The principal feature of the PAM approach is that the nature of the authentication is dynamically configurable. In other words, the system administrator is free to choose how individual service-providing applications will authenticate users.

The Linux-Pam home page has more information.

NOTE: To avoid conflicts with officially supported versions of PAM on IRIX, fw_PAM/0.77 looks for configuration files in /usr/freeware/etc/pam.d instead of /etc/pam.d. This is a change from fw_PAM/0.75.

Developers intending to use this distribution for application development should be sure to read the information in FAQ 3.8.

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