libXaw3d-1.5: description + notes

The Xaw3d widget set based on R6 Athena Widgets. The 3D Athena widget set may be used as a general replacement for the Athena Widget set. In general, it is possible to relink any Athena Widget based application with the 3D Athena Widget set to obtain a three dimensional appearance.

NOTE: Developers intending to use this distribution of libXaw3d for application development should be sure to read the information below. Users installing libXaw3d for the runtime environment only need not read any further.

Developers intending to use this library for development of other freeware packages or their own software applications will need to be familiar with a few peculiarities due to the way that this library is packaged and installed. The reasons for this installation strategy are described further in the fw_common product release notes.

The header files and libraries in this package are installed into /usr/freeware. This means that when building software using this distribution of libXaw3d you should be sure to do the following:

Following these guidelines will allow your application to safely and easily use the software in this package.
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