automake-1.7.5: description + notes

Automake is a Makefile generator. It was inspired by the 4.4BSD make and include files, but aims to be portable and to conform to the GNU standards for Makefile variables and targets.

Automake is a Perl script. The input files are called The output files are called; they are intended for use with autoconf. Automake requires certain things to be done in your

To use Automake, replace your files with files. Read the documentation to see what to do.

This package also includes the aclocal program. aclocal is a program to generate an aclocal.m4 based on the contents of It is useful as an extensible, maintainable mechanism for augmenting autoconf. It is intended that other package authors will write m4 macros that can be automatically used by aclocal.

The GNU Automake home page has more information.

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