cdk-4.9.10: description + notes

Cdk currently contains 21 ready to use widgets which facilitate the speedy development of full screen curses programs. These widgets are the result of over a years worth of playing. The current complement of widgets are:

Widget Type Quick Description
Alphalist Allows a user to select from a list of words, with the ability to narrow the search list by typing in a few characters of the desired word.
Buttonbox This creates a multiple button widget.
Calendar Creates a little simple calendar widget.
Dialog Prompts the user with a message, and the user can pick an answer from the buttons provided.
Entry Allows the user to enter various types of information.
File Selector A file selector built from Cdk base widgets. This example shows how to create more complicated widgets using the Cdk widget library.
Graph Draws a graph.
Histogram Draws a histogram.
Item List Creates a pop up field which allows the user to select one of several choices in a small field.
Label Displays messages in a pop up box, or the label can be considered part of the screen.
Marquee Displays a message in a scrolling marquee.
Matrix Creates a complex matrix with lots of options.
Menu Creates a pull-down menu interface.
Multiple Line Entry A multiple line entry field.
Radio List Creates a radio button list.
Scale Creates a numeric scale. Used for allowing a user to pick a numeric value and restrict them to a range of values.
Scrolling List Creates a scrolling list/menu list.
Scrolling Window Creates a scrolling log file viewer. Can add information into the window while its running.
Selection List Creates a multiple option selection list.
Slider Akin to the scale widget, this widget provides a visual slide bar to represent the numeric value.
Template Creates a entry field with character sensitive positions. Used for pre-formatted fields like dates and phone numbers.
Viewer This is a file/information viewer. Very useful when you need to display loads of information.

Each widget has the ability to display color, or other character attributes. Cdk comes with a attribute/color format command set which allows a programmer to add colors and characters attributes simply.

NOTE: Developers intending to use this distribution for application development should be sure to read the information below. Users installing it for the runtime environment only need not read any further.

Developers intending to use this library for development of other freeware packages or their own software applications will need to be familiar with a few peculiarities due to the way that this library is packaged and installed. The reasons for this installation strategy are described further in the fw_common product release notes.

The header files and libraries in this package are installed into /usr/freeware. This means that when building software using this distribution you should be sure to do the following:

Following these guidelines will allow your application to safely and easily use the software in this package.

Special thanks to Andrea Suatoni ( for helping port this package to IRIX.
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