elm-2.5.6: description + notes

Elm is an interactive screen-oriented mailer program that supersedes mail and mailx.

There are three main ways to use the elm mailer. One way to use the mailer is to specify a list of addresses on the command line when the mailer is invoked. This will allow sending of a single message to the specified recipients with all the options usually available in the elm system itself.

The second way, used most commonly when transmitting files and such, is to specify the subject of the message and the recipients using the command line and redirect a file as standard input.

The third way, elm is invoked with neither subject nor addresses specified on the command line and without standard input redirected. You can then read any messages in your incoming mailbox (or specified folder), reply to messages in the mailbox, mail messages, etc.

Although there is no official elm home page, you can find more information on-line at http://www.instinct.org/elm/

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