esound-0.2.26: description + notes

The Enlightened Sound Daemon is the desktop sound component for the Gnome desktop environment. See the EsounD Home Page for details.

Many of today's applications use sound for various forms of feedback. Messenging applications (ICQ, AIM, etc.) use sounds to notify you of incoming messages. Many people play songs on their computers in high compression formats like RealPlayer and Mpeg layer 3. However, when two or more applications want to play sounds at the same time, it's on a first-come, first-served basis. Whoever gets to the audio device first wins. EsounD changes all of that...

The Enlightened Sound Daemon mixes several audio streams for playback by a single audio device. You can also pre-load samples, and play them back without having to send all the data for the sound. Network transparency is also built in, so you can play sounds on one machine, and listen to them on another.

On IRIX the esd daemon has difficulty handling 16-bit data and data sampled at rates other than 8KHz. To work around this you can use sfconvert to recode sound files. A command similar to "sfconvert old.wav new.wav format wave int 8 unsigned chan 1 rate 8000" should work.

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