evolution-1.2.0: description + notes

Ximian Evolution(tm) is a personal and workgroup information management solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems. The software integrates email, calendaring, meeting scheduling, contact management, and task lists. Ximian Evolution is also a powerful collaboration tool that connects to popular corporate communications architectures like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and other messaging systems.

See the Ximian Evolution Home Page for more information, including a FAQ, screenshots, and support options.

Note: Evolution is still beta. This means it may delete all of your mail if you give it the chance.

Note: If you receive the message: "Cannot initialize the Evolution shell" the first time Evolution is run, there are a few things to try.

First of all, your $PATH variable must include /usr/freeware/bin. Evolution is actually a collection of small programs working together, and therefore needs to be able to find all of it's sub-programs.

If that doesn't fix it, try restarting the OAF Daemon and clearing out any Evolution processes by issuing the following commands (oaf-slay should be called as root):

rm -rf /tmp/orbit-$USER

If the problem still occurs, please visit Ximian Support for more troubleshooting information.

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