exmh-2.5: description + notes

exmh is an X user interface for mh or nmh mail. MH has a zillion features as a result of several years of availability. Exmh provides a graphical interface to many of these features, but not everything. You can do all the ordinary things like viewing the messages in a folder, and reading, deleting, and refiling messages. In addition, the interface handles arbitrary nesting of your folder hierarchy. The exmh home page has more information.

What exmh supports well is sorting arriving mail into different folders before you even read them. You can sort with the MH .maildelivery filtering mechanism, procmail, or any system that adds new messages to the unseen sequence of a folder.

Exmh parses and displays MIME format messages. Messages can be composed with your favorite editor or with the simple built-in editor. The built-in editor has some support for rich text and MIME.

Exmh is written in TCL/TK. The implementation is open and flexible. There are several levels of customization.

Exmh relies heavily on the Tk send command, which by default requires xauth-style security. If you really want to disable this Tk security feature see the fw_tk release notes.

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