Glimpse 3.0 Release Notes

Table of Contents

  • What is Glimpse?
  • Support Policy
  • Installation Information
  • Silicon Graphics Legal Notice
  • Author's Notice(s)
  • Documentation Information

  • What is Glimpse?

    Glimpse is an indexing and query system that allows you to search through all your files very quickly. Included with Glimpse is agrep, a program for searching files for string or regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities

    Author's Notice(s):

    Glimpse was developed by Udi Manber and Burra Gopal of the University of Arizona, and Sun Wu of the National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan. Permission is granted to copy this software, to redistribute it on a nonprofit basis, and to use it for any purpose, subject to the following restrictions and understandings.

    1. Any copy made of this software must include this copyright notice in full.
    2. All materials developed as a consequence of the use of this software shall duly acknowledge such use, in accordance with the usual standards of acknowledging credit in academic research.
    3. The authors have made no warranty or representation that the operation of this software will be error-free or suitable for any application, and they are under under no obligation to provide any services, by way of maintenance, update, or otherwise. The software is an experimental prototype offered on an as-is basis.
    4. Redistribution for profit requires the express, written permission of the authors. Non-exclusive licenses can be obtained for a small fee. Contact the authors at

    Installation Information

    Glimpse includes these subsystems:
    fw_glimpse.sw.glimpse (default) Glimpse execution environment. (default) Gimpse online manual pages (preformatted). (default) Glimpse 3.0 online release notes.
    fw_glimpse.src The complete Glimpse 3.0 software distribution from which this product was built.

    Installation Method

    All of the subsystems for Glimpse can be installed using IRIX. You do not need to use the miniroot. Refer to the Software Installation Administrator's Guide for complete installation instructions.


    Your workstation must be running IRIX 5.3 or later in order to use this product.

    Documentation Information

    Preformatted manual pages are installed by default; consult glimpse(1). The WWW home page for Glimpse is located at