gd-1.8.4: description + notes

gd 1.8.4

A graphics library for fast image creation

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READ THIS! gd 1.8.4 creates PNG, JPEG and WBMP images, not GIF images. This is a good thing. PNG is a more compact format, and full compression is available. JPEG works well with photographic images, and is still more compatible with the major Web browsers than even PNG is. WBMP is intended for wireless devices (not regular web browsers). Existing code will need modification to call gdImagePng or gdImageJpeg instead of gdImageGif. Please do not ask us to send you the old GIF version of GD. Unisys holds a patent on the LZW compression algorithm, which is used in fully compressed GIF images. The best solution is to move to legally unencumbered, well-compressed, modern image formats such as PNG and JPEG as soon as possible.

This distribution of gd 1.8.4 requires that the following libraries also be installed from the SGI Freeware distribution:

This is not a mistake: both FreeType libraries are needed!

Please read the documentation and install the required libraries. See the requirements section for more information (this link will take you out of SGI's pages to the home page for gd).

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