GLUT-3.7: description + notes

In the past, glut has been available in an instable format for IRIX machines from the glut website. The 3.7 images were not available so we decided to pull those images into the larger IRIX freeware package. This has a few consequences. First, if you are using glut and want to use the freeware installation, you have to be aware that we have installed the libraries and headers in the usual freeware area (/usr/freeware...) instead of /usr/include or /usr/lib*. Second, it is a policy that freeware packages not replace packages not in freeware. So, if you have inst'ed the 3.6 images from the web, the freeware 3.7 images WILL NOT replace or remove the 3.6 images. If you want to remove them, you need to do so yourself.

What follows is the standard GLUT README

Scott Senften


This directory and its subdirectories contains the OpenGL Utility
Toolkit (GLUT) distribution.  See the NOTICE for legal terms.


Release 3.7, May 7, 1998.


This distribution should compile for:

  o  Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT with SGI OpenGL for Windows
     (aka Cosmo OpenGL) and/or Microsoft OpenGL 1.1.
  o  SGI workstation running IRIX 5.2 or higher supporting OpenGL,
     including 64-bit and N32 support IRIX 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and

  o  DEC Alpha workstation running OSF/1 and OpenVMS with Open3D
     layered product.

  o  IBM RS/6000 workstations running AIX with OpenGL support.

  o  Metro Link's Metro OpenGL for Linux.

  o  Template Graphics Software's OpenGL for Sun workstations.

  o  Mesa 2.x (and 1.x) for Unix workstations, including Linux PCs
     and SunOS 4.1.x.


Read the "" accompanying file.  The short instructions if you
have Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler is to run the "glutmake" batch
file.  You may need to edit "glutwin32.mak" to indicate your compiler


Use "mkmkfiles.sgi" to put Makefiles using the SGI Makefile conventions
in place.  Use "mkmkfiles.imake" to put Makefiles generated from
Imakefiles in place.  Run one of these two commands in this directory,
then do a "make".


See FAQ.glut


  GL - GLUT interface header files

  lib - source code for GLUT libraries

     glut - GLUT library implementation

     mui - Tom Davis's GLUT-based micro-UI user interface library

     gle - Linas Vepstas's GLE Tubing & Extrusions library

     fglut -     GLUT FORTRAN bindings (IRIX only)
     glut.n32 -  "N32" version of the GLUT library (IRIX only).
     fglut.n32 - "N32" version of the GLUT library (IRIX only).
     glut.n64 -  64-bit version of the GLUT library (IRIX only).
     fglut.n64 - 64-bit version of the GLUT library (IRIX only).
     mui.n32 -   "N32" version of micro-UI library (IRIX only).
     mui.n64 -   64-bit version of micro-UI library (IRIX only).
     gle.n32 -   "N32" version of GLE Tubing & Extrusions library (IRIX only).
     gle.n64 -   64-bit version of GLE Tubing & Extrusions library (IRIX only).

  test - test programs
      glut - GLUT library tests

      mui - micro-UI library test

  progs - programs using GLUT

     examples - misc. GLUT examples

     redbook - examples from the OpenGL Programming Guide ported to GLUT

     advanced - GLUT examples demonstrating advanced OpenGL rendering
        techniques.  The programs are largely based on the SIGGRAPH '96
	course taught by David Blythe and Tom McReynolds.

     contrib - contributed GLUT examples

     demos - more involved OpenGL demos using GLUT

     fortran - GLUT FORTRAN examples

     glc - An example of using OpenGL's Character Rendering API
	included in IRIX 6.2 and beyond.

     inventor - Two GLUT-based Open Inventor examples.

     mesademos - Ports to GLUT of programs developed by Brian Paul
        that are distributed with Mesa.

     texfont - Tools and demos for using texture mapped fonts.

     tiff - Examples of using Sam Leffler's libtiff library for
        reading, display, and writing TIFF image files.

     ada - Examples using the GLUT ADA binding.


See the other README files in this directory.  There is a complete
specification for GLUT API version 3 in PostScript available by
anonymous ftp accompanying this distribution.  GLUT includes a full set
of nroff man pages for the GLUT API version 3.  nroff man pages for
GLE are also included.


Another separate GLUT data distribution contains a "data" subdirectory
containing large data files used by some of the examples in the
"progs/advanced" subdirectory.  See the file "progs/advanced/README"
for more details.


To subscribe to the GLUT mailing list, send an electronic mail message
with the word "subscribe" in the first line of the message to  Messages intended for the GLUT mailing list can
be sent to


I've written a book titled "Programming OpenGL for the X Window System"
(ISBN: 0-201-48359-9) published by Addison-Wesley.  It includes both a
complete tutorial and documentation for GLUT, as well as a full
explanation of using OpenGL with the X Window System's Xlib and
Xt/Motif interfaces.  If you use GLUT, I believe you'll find this
book very informative.  See:


Send bug reports by electronic mail to (I now work
for NVIDIA Corporation, not Silicon Graphics).

Questions of a general interest about GLUT will be answered on the newsgroup.


Much thanks to OpenGL engineers at DEC, IBM, Microsoft, SGI, Sun, and
TGS.  Of particular mention are Brian Paul from the University of
Wisconsin, Nate Robins at the Univeristy of Utah, and Craig Groeschel
of Metro Link Inc. for helping me ensure the portability of this code
to non-SGI graphics platforms.  Also thank you to GLUT users who
supplied me with feedback and bug fixes.

Nate Robin's effort to combine his Win32 GLUT with GLUT 3.5 were most
excellent.  Tom Davis contributed the micro-UI library.  GLUT 3.5's
testing on PCs was greatly aided by Petri Nordlund, Brian Buchner,
Leath Muller, Stephen Speicher, and I've probably missed others.  Henk
Kok is responsible for the several way cool demos in GLUT 3.5.  Thanks
for your help!

- Mark Kilgard

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