gnome-games- description + notes

This package installs some GNOME games on your system, such as:

Note: the game score files are unprotected. If you wish, you can create a special group (perhaps games) for them and reprotect the binaries and score files as follows:

    for prog in GnomeScott ctali freecell gataxx glines 
            gnibbles gnobots2 gnome-stones gnome-xbill 
            gnometris gnomine gnotravex gnotski gtali 
            gturing iagno mahjongg same-gnome sol; do
        chgrp games /usr/freeware/bin/${prog}
        chmod 2511 /usr/freeware/bin/${prog}
    chgrp games /usr/freeware/var/games/*
    chmod 664 /usr/freeware/var/games/*

To auto-install this package, go back and click on the respective install icon.