groff-1.17.2: description + notes

Document formatting system.

Groff (GNU Troff) is a document processor which reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output.

To view unformatted source manual (man) entries, set the MANFMTCMD environment variable like so:

To typeset unformatted source manual entries:

NOTE: This product installs its X application default files in /usr/freeware/lib/X11/app-defaults, which is not in the default X search path. There are several ways to extend your X search path. The XUSERFILESEARCHPATH, XAPPLRESDIR, XFILESEARCHPATH, and XENVIRONMENT environment variables all affect resource file loading. The easiest methods are to either create a symbolic link in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults, or to add code similar to this to your startup scripts:


The line wrapping above is for clarity; you can remove it and any extra whitespace. If XUSERFILESEARCHPATH is already set, we append the new directories separated by a colon, otherwise we simply set it to the new colon-separated list. Note that the example code assumes the use of sh, ksh or bash.

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