imlib-1.9.14: description + notes

Version 1 of imlib is depreciated. Please port applications to some other image library (Imlib2, gtk-pixbuf, whatever...). Also note that gdk-imlib WILL NOT WORK with GTK2. It won't even compile. This is not a bug. This is a feature. If you need an image loader for GTK2, use gtk-pixbuf.

Imlib is a general Image loading and rendering library designed to make the task of loading images, and obtaining X-Windows drawables a simple task, as well as a quick one. It also aims to provide simple manipulation routines that might be desired for common operations.

Imlib is an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm that provides many more features with much greater flexability and speed. If you wish to find out more please read the Imlib tutorial, as it will explain in detail about Imlib, what it does and how it works and how to program using Imlib. It is also the first stop for any programmer if they wish to program using Imlib.

Developers intending to use this distribution for application development should be sure to read the information in FAQ 3.8.

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