mSQL Release Notes

Note: Some of the links in this file point to online documents which require additional installation.

Table of Contents

  • What is mSQL ?
  • Support Policy
  • Installation Information
  • Silicon Graphics Legal Notice
  • Author/Builder's Notice(s)

  • What is mSQL ?

    mSQL v2.0.3-- SQL database system.

    Welcome to version 2.0.3 of the Mini SQL database system.  Even though
    the 2.0 series software has proven to be stable enough for the development
    of large applications, the development process is continual.  Features
    are added and bugs are fixed as they are identified so please check our 
    web site regularly for upates at
    This release includes the new mSQL documentation kit for 2.0.  The
    documentation now includes a very comprehensive (i.e. 80+ pages) User
    Guide.  The User Guide is included as a postscript file for printing on
    your laser printer.  It is also included as an HTML document for those that
    do not have a postscript laser.  Some of the formatting is lost during
    the conversion to HTML so the postscript version is certainly the best to
    use if you can.  The User Guide is located in the doc directory of the
    Please read also the terms and confditions under which 
    this software can be used !

    Author/Builder Notice(s):

        The mSQL distribution includes a mSQL Widget that people
        are encouraged to use in other programs.
        mSQL-2.0.3 is available from:
    As the software has now officially left the Beta test stage, it is being
    released as a commercial package.  The software may be evaluated for 14
    days before a license fee is due.  If you continue to use the software
    after 14 days you are required to pay a licnese fee.  To license your
    copy of mSQL 2.0, simply print out the invoice form located in the doc/
    directory of this distribution and return it with payment to us either
    via postal mail or via fax.  Our fax number and postal address has
    changed since the 1.x release so please check the details before sending
    your payment.
    Hughes Technologies continues to support the original ethos of the
    Internet by providing mSQL 2.0 (and all other Hughes Technologies
    products) free of charge to certain organisations.  If your use of our
    software is in conjunction with your work or study at one of the
    organisational types listed below you may continue to use the software
    beyond the 14 day evaluation without licensing your copy.
    	o Universities and schools
    	o Non-commercial research organisations
    	o Registered not-for-profit organisations
    	o Registered charities
    	o Churches
    Government agencies and commercial research organisations (such as
    research departments of corporations or government agencies) are not
    covered in this clause and as such must license the software if it is to
    be used.

    Additinal Documents from the distribution

    	mSQL manual in html format
    	mSQL manual in postscript format

    mSQL was packaged for SGI by Chavo Nedev.
    The latest version of mSQL for SGI can be found at

    Installation Information

    xv Subsystems

    Execution only environment. The msql database engine and tools.*
    Man pages, documentation, and release notes.
    The full original source distribution.

    Installation Method

    All of the subsystems for this product can be installed using IRIX. You do not need to use the miniroot. Refer to the Software Installation Administrator's Guide for complete installation instructions.


    This software is compatible with IRIX v6.2, v6.3, v6.4, v6.5