junkbuster-2.0.2-8: description + notes

Suppress advertisements in web pages.

Junkbuster is an instrumentable proxy that filters the HTTP stream between web servers and browsers. Its main purpose is to enhance privacy, however it's also great for filtering those annoying advertisements from web pages.

NOTE: This package will only work on IRIX 6.5 systems. It was built with the MIPSpro 7.3 compilers. If you are running on IRIX 6.5.9 or earlier you must install the following patches (or their successors):

  • patch 3911 (19 MB) -- compiler_eoe (except libmp)

Patches can be downloaded from http://www.sgi.com/support/patch_intro.html.

By default, junkbuster will bind to port 8000 on host localhost. You should set HTTP Proxy in your web browser to point to this. If you need to go through a proxy server to access the external web (say, for example, your machine sites behind a firewall) then you will need to add appropriate entries to the /usr/freeware/etc/junkbuster/forward file. For example:

 # No proxy is required for domain vincel.org
 vincel.org   .                   .   .
 # Access all other hosts via the proxy server on port 8080.
 *            proxy-server:8080   .   .

Please refer to the included documentation and the file /usr/freeware/etc/junkbuster/config for further configuration options.

Vince Levey configured and built this package.

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