mag2-1.0: description + notes

This is the README file for mag2
          mag2 - a texture powered magnification tool

mag2 allows you to capture a part of the screen which can be
then magnified using the hardware texture map.

click on the Snap button and then click anywhere on the screen.
A portion of the screen will appear in the mag2 window.
Use the buttons on the UI to navigate or use the following
mouse and keyboard controls.

Mouse Controls.
  Left   Mouse   - Pan
  Middle Mouse   - Zoom
  Right  Mouse   - Rotate
  Double click with left mouse to center a pixel.

Keyboard Controls.
  Arrows Keys to Pan.
  o key to zoom out
  i key to zoom in 
  m key to mark pixel for dimension (see below)
  r key to reset
  s key to snap
  w key to toggle black/white background and grid
  q key to quit
  Escape to quit
   toggle grid

  This feature is useful to compute distance in pixels between any
  two points. Mark the points by placing the cursor on a pixel and
  pressing the 'm' key. On every second point marked, a distance
  is printed in the shell.

For more details, refer to online help.

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