mminstance-1.18: description + notes

mminstance is a set of tools that let you use multiple master fonts with programs that require single master fonts (afm2tfm, ps2pk, fontinst, etc.). The tools work fine with fonts which contain intermediate masters (Adobe Jenson and Kepler).

mmafm creates an AFM file (font metrics) corresponding to an instance of a multiple-master font. It reads the AMFM and AFM files distributed with the font.

mmpfb creates a normal, single-master font program which looks like an instance of a multiple-master font. It reads the multiple master font program in PFA or PFB format.

You may have problems with some versions of Adobe Acrobat Distiller when trying to distill mmpfb-generated fonts, but there is a workaround: see the description of --subrs option in the mmpfb manual page.

For additional information and tips, consult the README file installed with the package and the mminstance tools man pages.

Special thanks to Andrea Suatoni ( for helping port this package to IRIX.
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