mutt- description + notes

Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems. Some of its features include: Though written from scratch, Mutt's initial interface was based largely on the ELM mail client. To a large extent, Mutt is still very ELM-like in presentation of information in menus (and in fact, ELM users will find it quite painless to switch as the default key bindings are identical). As development progressed, features found in other popular clients such as PINE and MUSH have been added, the result being a hybrid, or ``mutt.'' At present, it most closely resembles the SLRN news client.

In addition to the man page, documentation for this distribution can be found in /usr/freeware/doc/mutt. The official Mutt home page has more information, including notes on how to configure mutt to use gpg.

This distribution is built with support for POP, IMAP, SSL, and PGP.

Note: when running over a slow connection mutt's built-in terminal handling code has problems with multi-code keys (usually arrow keys, but function- and keypad-keys may have problems too). You can work around these problems by setting up alternate key bindings in your .muttrc file.

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