nethack-3.4.1: description + notes

nethack is a display oriented Dungeons & Dragons(tm) - like game. The standard tty display and command structure resemble rogue. A graphical X11 interface is also supported. See /usr/freeware/lib/nethackdir/Guidebook for instructions on setting the windowtype:X11 option. The Official NetHack Home Page has on-line documentation, including known bugs and work-arounds.

Note: You must tell your X server about the new nethack font, and should add /usr/freeware/lib/X11/app-defaults to your X search path.

You can tell one X session to use the installed fonts with:

    % xset fp+ /usr/freeware/lib/X11/fonts/misc
To make the effect permanent for future X sessions you probably have to edit some files in your X installation. For instance, you might include the xset command above line in your ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession file, or edit /var/X11/adm/Xservers to extend the default fontpath.

There are also several ways to extend your X search path. The XUSERFILESEARCHPATH, XAPPLRESDIR, XFILESEARCHPATH, and XENVIRONMENT environment variables all affect resource file loading. The easiest methods are to either create a NetHack symlink in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults or to add code similar to this to your startup scripts:

(The line wrapping above is for clarity; you can remove it and any extra whitespace. If XUSERFILESEARCHPATH is already set we append the new directories separate by a colon, otherwise we simply set it to the new colon-separated list.)
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