NFSwatch Release Notes

Table of Contents

  • What is NFSwatch ?
  • Support Policy
  • Installation Information
  • Silicon Graphics Legal Notice
  • Author/Builder's Notice(s)

  • What is nfswatch ?

    This is NFSwatch Version 4.1. It lets you monitor NFS requests to any given machine, or the entire local network. It mostly monitors NFS client traffic (NFS requests); it also monitors the NFS reply traffic from a server in order to measure the response time for each RPC.

    NFSwatch was written by Dave Curry of Purdue University ( and Jeff Mogul ( of DEC WRL.

    For more details on nfswatch, see the man pages or just try it. It is highly recommended.

    Author/Builder Notice(s):

    NFSwatch is freeware. You can redistribute this program as much as you want. All the authors ask is that you give credit where credit is due. If you make modifications or bug fixes, please send them back to the authors, in "diff -c" format, so they can be incorporated into the next release.

    nfswatch was packaged for SGI by Robert Keller.

    Installation Information

    NFSwatch Subsystems

    Execution only environment. The nfswatch and nfslogsum executables.*
    Man pages, documentation, and release notes.
    The full original source distribution.

    Installation Method

    All of the subsystems for this product can be installed using IRIX. You do not need to use the miniroot. Refer to the Software Installation Administrator's Guide for complete installation instructions.


    This software is compatible with IRIX 5.3 and IRIX 6.x.