pilot-link-0.9.5: description + notes

The pilot-link suite of tools are generally conduits for moving information to and from 3Com Pilots.

Most (all?) of the pilot-link programs default to /dev/pilot as the serial device used to communicate with a Pilot. In general, if the environment variable PILOTPORT is set, its value will override the default. A serial device specified on the command-line will be used regardless of any PILOTPORT setting. It's a good idea to use flow-controlled serial ports (e.g. /dev/ttyf2).

The default connection rate is 9600 baud. You are welcome to try higher baud rates (19200, 38400, or 57600) by setting the PILOTRATE environment variable, but various machines have various limitations.

Here is a list of programs from the pilot-link README file:

For more information see the pilot-link home page.

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