plotutils-2.4.1: description + notes

The GNU plotting utilities currently consist of seven user-level programs: graph, plot, plotfont, tek2plot, spline, ode, and double. These utilities do not replace gnuplot, but rather supplement it.

Distributed along with the plotting utilities is GNU libplot, the function library for device independent two-dimensional vector graphics on which graph, plot, and tek2plot are based. libplot output formats include X11, PNG, PNM (i.e. PBM/PGM/PPM), pseudo-GIF, SVG, Adobe Illustrator, Postscript and Encapsulated Postscript, CGM (by default, binary version-3 CGM output that complies with the WebCGM profile for Web-based vector graphics), Fig (editable with the xfig drawing editor), PCL 5, HP-GL and HP-GL/2, Regis, Tektronix, and GNU metafile format. GNU metafile format may be translated into any of the other formats with the plot utility.

Use "xset fp+ /usr/freeware/share/fonts/libplot" to access the standard Postscript, Tektronix, and HPGL PCL 5 compatibility fonts.

The plotutils home page has more information.

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