ppmcaption-0.9: description + notes

Add text captions to PPM, PGM, or PBM images.

The ppmcaption program adds text to a PPM, PGM, or PBM image. Multiple blocks of text can be placed on the image, with varying fonts, font sizes, colors, and transparency.

NOTE: This package will only work on IRIX 6.5 systems. It was built with the MIPSpro 7.3 compilers. If you are running on IRIX 6.5.9 or earlier you must install the following patches (or their successors):

  • patch 3911 (19 MB) -- compiler_eoe (except libmp)

Patches can be downloaded from http://www.sgi.com/support/patch_intro.html.

Vince Levey configured and built this package.

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