Sablotron-0.71: description + notes

XSL Transformations Processor

NOTE: This package is dependent upon expat-1.95.2.

Current version: 0.71

Description: Sablotron is a fast, compact and portable XSLT processor. Sablotron is an open project; other users and developers are encouraged to use it or to help us testing or improving it. The goal of this project is to create a reliable and fast XSLT processor conforming to the W3C specification, which is available to the public and can be used as a base for multi-platform XML applications.

Sablotron is written in C++; the authors try to keep it as portable as possible. If you want to take part in this project, please send e-mail to

Extensions: In addition to the C++ API, there are wrappers and/or extensions available for popular programming languages such as Perl, PHP, and Python.

Sablotron sources and binaries for selected platforms can be downloaded from the Gingerall web site. If you want to take part in the Sablotron project either by hacking or testing, or just want to keep yourself in touch with the latest sources, ask for Gingerall CVS read-only account details.

Licensing: Sablotron is subject to the Mozilla Public License 1.1 or the GNU General Public License alternatively. Sablotron uses James Clark's expat XML parser (packaged in SGI Freeware as fw_expat).

Documentation: The description of current version can be found here. Answers to some questions about Sablotron can be found in the Sablotron FAQ. For changes from the previous versions see the Sablotron Change Log.

Support(from Gingerall): There is a Sablotron and XSLT related mailing list available. If you find a bug in Sablotron, please e-mail your report to If you want a commercial support, you can e-mail to

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