readline-4.3: description + notes

The readline library provides a set of functions for use by applications that let users edit command lines as they are typed in. Both emacs and vi editing modes are available. The readline library includes additional functions to maintain a list of previously-entered command lines, to recall and perhaps reedit those lines, and perform csh-like history expansion on previous commands.

The history facilites are also placed into a separate library, libhistory, as part of the build process. The History library may be used without libreadline in applications that desire its capabilities.

In /usr/freeware/share/readline there are several example programs that use Readline features. The rl program (also installed in /usr/freeware/bin as readline) is of particular interest. It is a command-line interface to Readline, suitable for use in shell scripts in place of read.

The GNU Readline Library web site has more information.

Developers intending to use this distribution for application development should be sure to read the information in FAQ 3.8.

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