sharity-2.7: description + notes

Sharity is a client for the CIFS (Common Internet File System) protocol, formerly known as SMB (Server Message Block). This is the file-sharing protocol used by Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, ME, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, Samba and many others. Sharity mounts these servers in your file system. Mounting means that you can open files directly from the server with any application you like, as if they were on a local disk. Other clients (such as smbclient from the Samba suite) provide only an ftp-like interface where you can copy files to and from the share but cannot open them directly on the server.

Everyone may use Sharity in demo-mode. The demo-mode limits file access to the first three levels of directory hierarchy. It is also limited to only two installations in the network which can mount only two CIFS servers. You can check for new releases and order licenses on Objective Development's website.


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