tcl-8.0.4: description + notes

Tcl (Tool Command Language) is really two things: a scripting language, and an interpreter for that language that is designed to be easy to embed into your application. Tcl and its associated graphical user interface toolkit, Tk, can be used freely in your application, even if the application is commercial. The Tcl interpreter has been ported from UNIX to Windows, NT, and Macintosh environments. The Tk toolkit has been ported from X Windows to Windows and Macintosh.

Note that installing this package does not remove the earlier fw_tcl package. If you no longer need the older interpreter you should remove it separately.

The "normal" installation is setup for -n32 ABI. If you want to use the -o32 or -64 ABI there are a few things you need to know. The most obvious is that uses the -n32 paths and switches; do the obvious replacements. Also the tcl open command will now first search for libraries with an ABI suffix, and then for the usual library name. This search is done in the standard /usr/freeware/lib/package directories.

To auto-install this package, go back and click on the respective install icon.