tcpdump-3.7.2: description + notes

tcpdump prints out the headers of packets on a network interface that match the boolean expression. Under IRIX with snoop you must be root (or it must be installed setuid to root) to run this program. The TCPDUMP home page has more information.

Note: Do not give untrusted users the capability to run tcpdump. Tcpdump can capture any traffic on your network, including passwords.

Richard Stevens gives an excellent treatment of the Internet protocols in his book ``TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1''. If you want to learn more about tcpdump and how to interpret its output, pick up this book.

Some tools for viewing and analyzing tcpdump trace files are available from the Internet Traffic Archive.

Another tool that tcpdump users might find useful is tcpslice. It is a program that can be used to extract portions of tcpdump binary trace files. See its distribution for further details and documentation.

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