teTeX-2.0.2: description + notes

Main features of the teTeX distribution: Included programs: For simplicity this package is built using the socksified libwww libraries. If you don't use a socks proxy server replace the contents of /etc/libsocks5.conf with "noproxy - - -". That will instruct the socks client libraries to attempt direct connections to all hosts.

Configuring teTeX

After installing teTeX you should run texconfig to set the defaults for hyphenation, paper size, print command, metafont mode, etc. For example, if you are not using A4 format paper you can make "lettersize" the default by executing the following as root:
    texconfig dvips paper letter
    texconfig xdvi us

Generating fonts with a batch job

After you have configured the resolution for the previewer and printers, you might want to generate some bitmap fonts in a batch job. There are scripts like allneeded(1), allcm(1) and allec(1) which can generate the fonts that most users need. For details, have a look at the teTeX documentation that can be found via
  texdoc TETEXDOC
or the teTeX-FAQ:
  texconfig faq

Setting up an area for automatic font generation

Now, after optionally generating a large set of standard fonts, you might want to set up an area where other users can put automatically generated fonts. If you don't mind that every use puts automatically generated fonts into the main system tree, just make the main tree writable for that. It can be done by the command:
  texconfig font rw

If you want the global tree to be read-only (this is the default), just do

  texconfig font ro

You should set up a varfonts area and enable the varfonts feature in that case (replace the string "/some/varfonts/area" with the name of the directory where all the generated fonts should go):

  texconfig font vardir /some/varfonts/area
  texconfig font options appendonlydir varfonts

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