tk-8.0.4: description + notes

Tcl-based GUI toolkit.

Because Tcl/Tk changed so much between version 4 and version 8, installing this package does not automatically remove the earlier fw_tk package. If you no longer need the older version you should remove it from your system.

The Tk send command requires xauth X server authentication for its interprocess communication. Otherwise, there would be a serious security hole, allowing any host to run arbitrary scripts in any Tk window it can find. (Any host -- not just those allowed by xhost -- ever hear of IP packet spoofing?)

To enable xauth-style security, edit as root the file /var/X11/xdm/xdm-config, and change the authorize setting to on, and authComplain to True, then reboot. With xauth on, you'll notice a few differences:

If you are constitutionally unable to use xauth, you can disable these security checks by installing fw_tk80.sw.lib-insecure rather than fw_tk80.sw.lib.

The "normal" installation is setup for -n32 ABI. If you want to use the -o32 or -64 you may need to modify and

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