tripwire-1.2: description + notes

tripwire checks file and directory integrity; it is a utility that compares a designated set of files and directories to information stored in a previously generated database. Any differences are flagged and logged, including added or deleted entries. When run against system files on a regular basis, tripwire lets you spot changes in critical system files and to immediately take appropriate damage control measures.

To use tripwire you will need to create a tw.config file describing what parts of the system to monitor. You may find /usr/freeware/lib/tripwire/irix-tw.config a useful template, and the README file in that directory a useful guide. The default configuration file directory is /usr/adm/tcheck, and the database directory is /usr/adm/tcheck/databases.

Version 1.2 is the final freeware version; more recent versions can be purchased from Tripwire Security Systems.

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