wmclock- description + notes

A dockable clock for the Window Maker window manager.

Wmclock is a dockable clock for the Window Maker window manager. It displays the date and time in a dockable tile in the same style as the clock from the NeXTSTEP(TM) operating system. Wmclock is specially designed for the Window Maker window manager, by Alfredo Kojima, and features multiple language support, twenty-four-hour and twelve-hour (am/pm) time display, and, optionally, can run a user-specified program on a mouse click. Wmclock is derived from asclock, a similar clock for the AfterStep window manager.

NOTE: This package will only work on IRIX 6.5 systems. It was built with the MIPSpro 7.3 compilers. If you are running on IRIX 6.5.9 or earlier you must install the following patches (or their successors):

  • patch 3911 (19 MB) -- compiler_eoe (except libmp)

Patches can be downloaded from http://www.sgi.com/support/patch_intro.html.

Vince Levey configured and built this package.

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