xcdroast-0.98alpha14: description + notes

X-CD-Roast is a user friendly CD-burning software which allows even the unexperienced user to create or copy a CD with a few mouse clicks in a intuitive and nice looking graphical user interface.

Features included in this version:

Features not yet included, but planned for the final version:

Note that you are required to install the cdrtools freeware package (version 2.0 or newer) in order to use X-CD-Roast.

Before activating the non-root mode, or trying to burn a DVD, be sure to read the documentation installed in /usr/freeware/share/doc/xcdroast

For additional information please refer to the X-CD-Roast web site.

Special thanks to Andrea Suatoni (a.suatoni@telefonica.net) for helping port this package to IRIX.
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