xmbase-grok-1.5: description + notes

xmbase-grok, formerly just called "grok", is a simple X/Motif database manager and interface builder that can:

More precisely, xmbase-grok is a program for displaying and editing strings arranged in a grid of rows and columns. Each row is presented as a card consisting of multiple columns, or fields, that allow data entry. The presentation of the data is programmable; a user interface builder that allows the user to arrange fields on a card graphically is part of xmbase-grok. xmbase-grok also supports a simple language that allows sophisticated queries and data retrieval. xmbase-grok comes with the above examples and a few others as pre-built applications.

xmbase-grok is not a general-purpose database program. It was designed for small applications typical for desktop accessories. If you attempt to run your major airline reservation system or your space shuttle project with it, you are guaranteed to be disappointed. (To my great amusement, a manager at NASA involved in the shuttle project has told me that he does use xmbase-grok, successfully.)



xmbase-grok is Copyrighted by Thomas Driemeyer, 1993-2001. License to copy, publish, and distribute is granted to everyone provided that three conditions are met:

If these conditions are met, you can do whatever you like. The idea is that I would be pissed if someone else claimed he wrote the thing, and I don't want bugs introduced by others attributed to me. Make as much money with it as you can. Drop me a line, I am curious.

If you put xmbase-grok on a CD, send me a free copy if your company policy allows it and you want to. (Not obligatory, I just collect trophies.)

There are no implied or expressed warranties for xmbase-grok. I do not claim it is good for anything whatsoever, and if you lose your precious data or your dog dies this is entirely your problem.

Special thanks to Andrea Suatoni (a.suatoni@telefonica.net) for helping port this package to IRIX.
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