xmlrpc-c-0.9.9: description + notes

XML-RPC is a quick-and-easy way to make procedure calls over the Internet. It converts the procedure call into XML document, sends it to a remote server using HTTP, and gets back the response as XML.

This library provides a modular implementation of XML-RPC for C and C++. The current release of xmlrpc-c is intended for developers who need immediate support for XML-RPC. The library has the following limitations:

On the other hand, the following features are already present:

For information on using XML-RPC with other languages, see the XML-RPC HOWTO.

Developers intending to use this distribution for application development should be sure to read the information in FAQ 3.8.

Special thanks to Andrea Suatoni (a.suatoni@telefonica.net) for helping port this package to IRIX.
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