xpat2-1.07: description + notes

xpat2 is the successor of xpat, a generic patience game that can be used with different rule sets. It understands the rules of the well-known Spider game, as well as Klondike and others. It features a flexible layout that responds to window resize commands and possibilities to customize the existing rules.

This product installs its X application default files in /usr/freeware/lib/X11/app-defaults, which is not on the default X search path. There are several ways to extend your X search path. The XUSERFILESEARCHPATH, XAPPLRESDIR, XFILESEARCHPATH, and XENVIRONMENT environment variables all affect resource file loading. The easiest methods are to either create a NetHack symlink in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults or to add code similar to this to your startup scripts:

(If XUSERFILESEARCHPATH is already set we append the new directories separated by a colon, otherwise we simply set it to the new colon-separated list. The line wrapping above is for clarity; the actual value should be a single line with no embedded whitespace or backslashes.)
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