SGI IRIX Freeware


The SGI Freeware distribution exists, first and foremost, thanks to the people who write free software or otherwise contribute and enhance it. These people's names normally appear within the source distribution or in the enclosed documentation.

There are many people outside SGI building and packaging freeware for SGI. Notable among them are: Mike Sweet of Easy Software, Wessel de Roode from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, and Andrea Suatoni of Telefonica, Italy.

SGI contributors to this Freeware release (in alphabetical order) include:

Rusty Ballinger, Justin Banks, Jesse Barnes, Fred Beck, Nick Blievers, Greg Bossert, Michel Bourget, Kevin Brokaw, Jeremy Brown, Bipin Butala, Denis Canuel, Brent Casavant, Steven Clark, Simon Cooper, Brandon Corey, Steve Crockett, Peter Daifuku, Aaron Disario, BaoPhac Do, Walt Drummond, Greg Edwards, Stefan Eilemann, Hal Eisen, Ariel Faigon, Joseph Fota, Juan Carlos Gomez, Achim Gorski, Abhijit Gupte, Matthew Hansen, Jeff Hanson, Scott Henry, Richard Hess, Robin Holt, Scott Hotes, Derek Howlett, Ping Huang, Hercules Huggins, Alex Icasiano, Harshula Jayasuriya, Brian J. Johnson, David Kaelbling, Jaya Kanajan, Bill Kawakami, Tim Kirby, Per Kofod, Bob Kuehne, Winfred van Kuijk, Todd Kulick, Alan Laird, Jon Leech, Rob Lembree, Vince Levey, Herb Lewis, David Lindes, Scott Lurndal, Dan Mack, Chris Manton, Allen Martin, Benjamin Martin, Max Matveev, Bob Miller, Troy Miller, Geoff Moyer, Shrijeet Mukherjee, Tom Murphy, Chavo Nedev, Michael Nelson, Philip Nemec, Mike Neumann, Brad Nguyen, Artur Niederstebruch, Michael OBrien, Richard Offer, Dave Olson, Jesus Ortega, Jim Patterson, James Peach, Jens Petersohn, Michael Pruett, Dave Ratcliffe, Divy Le Ray, Ivan Rayner, Alain Renaud, Mark Reynolds, Victor Riley, Stephane Rosa, Jason Schonberg, Dee Dee Schumacher, Rafael Seidl, Scott Senften, Greg Shepherd, Shelley Shostak, Aaron Siri, Suresh Srinivas, Denise Stockman, Omar Stradella, Ralph Thomas, Philipp Tomsich, James Tringali, Leon Verrall, Kevin Wang, Michael Wang, Mark Waterhouse, Max Waterman, Ian Westmacott, Glen Wilder, Chan Wilson, Rudy Wortel, Feng Zhou

Many thanks to all the above for making this freeware release possible. Apologies to anyone who we may have missed. (Please email us any names you feel deserve to be added to this list.)

Absolutely no warranties for this freeware.

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